School Profile

Flowerdale Primary School, with its unique design, is a small country school, which nestles in the hills eighty kilometres northeast of Melbourne. Children travel to school by bus or commute from an area nine kilometres south of the school as well as from the more rural north.

The Flowerdale School Community is committed to providing a happy and secure environment in order for all students to reach their maximum potential. Literacy and Numeracy are the school’s highest priority, and form the basis of the school curriculum. There is also a major emphasis on technology and the development of computer skills, as well as the development of interpersonal skills in our students. Within the school, systems exist to develop cooperation, teamwork and responsible attitudes. All staff are experienced, committed and caring. They are regularly involved in professional development to maintain high levels of skill and qualifications.

The well designed Flowerdale Education and Early Learning Centre provides a strong link between Maternal Health, the Flowerdale Kindergarten, Flowerdale Primary School and the community. This enables many transition activities throughout the entire year. The Primary School is completed with Multi-Purpose Room, three furnished classrooms, meeting rooms and kitchen.

Attractive native and cottage gardens complement this feeling. A variety of well-maintained areas such as the basketball court, oval, cubby house, adventure playground and sandpit allow for diversification of play and harmony. With the enthusiastic assistance of volunteers, both financial and physical, the school grounds are cared for. Through consultation with the students, grounds work continually enhances the environment for the benefit of both wildlife and the children.

In the wider community, facilities used include the Flowerdale Hall, Flowerdale Community House and the Spring Valley Recreation Reserve. Combined activities are often held with other schools in the Murrindindi Cluster. The school supports, and in return enjoys the valued support of the CFA, Community House and local sports clubs. The PFA and School Council organise fundraising opportunities for the school.

Flowerdale Primary School thus plays a major role in fostering a broad community spirit as well as nurturing and teaching the children of that community.

School Profile