At Flowerdale Primary School, we strive to support the well-being of all students and their families. We aim to take a strength-based approach when interacting with our students and their families and promote positive behaviours through implementation of our School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework.


Social and Emotional Learning

Flowerdale Primary School aims to support Social and Emotional Learning through implementation of Respectful Relationships in grades Foundation to 6. This curriculum and specific learning topics are determined based on the needs of the students. By focusing on a preventative and proactive approach, we plan specific lessons each week to target the relative needs of our students and aim to enhance their social and emotional skills and build their capacity to make and maintain respectful relationships with their peers. Respectful Relationships supports students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage safe and respectful relationships. It embeds a culture of respect and equality across our entire school community.

Social and Emotional Learning is essential as development of these skills impacts on a child’s self-confidence, empathy, and the ability to socially interact with peers and develop friendships and supports students to embrace their strengths and develop self-worth and resilience.


Berry Street Education Model

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) provides strategies for teaching and learning that enables teachers to increase engagement of all students with complex, unmet learning needs and to successfully improve all students’ self-regulation, relationships, wellbeing, growth and academic achievement. The BESM supports our staff to support students’ self-regulation, relationships and wellbeing to increase student engagement and significantly improve academic achievement.

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