How to use Seesaw to learn

How do students respond to an activity?

  1. Tap the Activities tab.
  2. Choose the activity from the list. Tap the green +Add Response button.
  3. Select a Creative Tool for the activity. Students can listen to an audio recording of instructions in this view, as well as during the creation and editing of the activity.

    1. PHOTO- Take a photo using the camera in your computer/iPad/tablet of your work or you doing an activity as proof that you have done the assigned task. NOTE: Many older laptops and desktop computers don’t have the function to take photos.
    2. DRAWING- Using the tools on SeeSaw draw a picture or write/type your answers onto the worksheet on SeeSaw. On a tablet/iPad use your fingers to draw and on a desktop computer and laptop, use a mouse or the track pad.
    3. VIDEO- Similar to the PHOTO function, you can film yourself answering the question, showing your work or displaying something you have learnt or made. NOTE: If you can’t take photos with your computer, you will not be able to video either.
    4. UPLOAD- This is useful for when you have typed up a document, taken a photo or video and want to upload it so your teacher and classmates can see it. If you take a photo using a normal camera and upload it onto your computer from the camera, you will then be able to upload it onto SeeSaw using this button.
    5. NOTE- This opens up a screen that looks like a piece of paper. This is where you can type your answers to questions or write stories. Once finished click the green arrow and it will be attached to the assignment.
    6. LINK- This button will be the one you use least as it allows you to link a webpage or video to your assignment.
  4. Choose the creative tool you will respond with and create the post.

  5. Edit the post to add photos, voice recordings, drawings or text labels. Tap the green check.Student responses to activities will appear in their student journal. Teachers can also access all student responses from the Activities tab. Families will be able to see student activity responses from their child only.