The Mathematics program at Flowerdale Primary School is based on the Victorian Curriculum domains of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Each level consolidates knowledge already learnt and more complexity is introduced as the students acquire basic skills.  Along with the explicit teaching of mathematic skills, where possible, tasks are centred on real life experiences and problem solving investigations. Mathematics is integrated into a range of learning experiences as part of our class inquiries. A class inquiry into the Weather may include charting weather patterns, making predictions or organising data in graphs and tables. A class inquiry into neighbouring countries may involve looking at comparing populations, investigating 24-hour time and time zones or calculating distances between locations.

Our students are provided with access to Mathletics and other web-based activities to practice concepts and skills being taught in class. In the junior class, students have access to a range of apps to reinforce mathematics skills. With the use of technology, classroom games and hands on experiences the students participate in a range of tasks to reinforce skill development.

In Year 5 & 6, students with exemplary skills in mathematics are invited to participate in the Maths Olympiad Competition. Each week, over a six-month period, the students learn problem-solving strategies and work with partners or small groups to find solutions to complex worded problems. The school principal, Sandra Horwood, instructs this group of students for an hour each week. Each month the students complete a test containing five problems. The results are recorded and the students are awarded certificates, badges and medals based on their results. This Australia wide competition promotes the development of problem solving and builds confidence in our students who are encouraged to reach their full potential as mathematicians.