Inquiry Units

At Flowerdale Primary School, our students have a strong connection to the rural community in which they live. They are particularly interested in the plants and animals in our environment and participate each year in Kids Teaching Kids, a program that encourages sustainable practices and an awareness of the natural world around us. The subject areas of Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics, Media and Technology are taught through classroom inquiries. Each term an area of study is planned around a Central Idea. Lines of inquiry are developed and both teacher and student questions are created to direct the inquiry. At Flowerdale Primary School, we have a three-year Foundation to Year 6 scope and sequence that ensures that all areas are covered in our multi-age classrooms without repetition of topics. Incursions, guest presenters and excursions are organised to tune students into our class inquiries and to assist with the Finding Out process.

Below is a diagram of the inquiry cycle that forms the basis of the units of inquiry.